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Alda Esco, designer and founder of Madre Luna was born in Guatemala and later moved to California where she studied art and design. Alda's love of design began since she began to paint. Fine Arts was the first creative endeavor Alda pursue and after discovering her passion for art, she became interested in designing ethical fashion. From traveling experiences with her mother and an eye for design back to her roots in Guatemala, she soon discovered this emerging passion complemented with the vision of creating an impact of fashion responsibility and creative lifestyle.

Alda develops her own style and seeks out inspiration in her culture. She currently designs and produces her line of artisan boots and accessories in her studio in California. Alda graduated from California State Polytechnic University and achieved a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Design with a Minor in Marketing. With a love and passion for unique accessories and leather crafting, Alda launched Madre Luna in 2017 where she started to develop an ethical brand that could inspired women around the world.


Building upon her culture and global experiences, Alda founded Madre Luna not only to help create and impact of social responsibility in fashion culture. But also to create an opportunity of change for artisans and small communities in Guatemala by empowering artisan women, creating job opportunities and preserving cultural history. Moreover, her vision is not only to achieve this goal but also create the next chapter in our story which is to support education for children in rural areas and create a generation of change.

Alda maintains transparency and open lines of communication with partner artisans. She believes the roads to success is to support and create long lasting relationships and provide social and economic opportunities through a fair trade model of business based in values through a sustainable model. Furthermore, she believes it's important to create one of a kind designs using traditional craft techniques and environmental materials.

Her vision is also to inspire and connect with people by becoming an influencer and educator specially supporting humanitarian rights and appeals.


Is it the mission of Madre Luna "To preserve each textile, design fabric, technique and production as an art form, we want to keep our hertige-tradition alive, this makes us rich in cultural history".