Social Impact


Madre Luna recognizes the importance of heritage, high quality and craftsmanship. We partner with cooperatives, small and independent artisans to help grow their businesses. With every purchase, you are supporting meaningful income opportunities for artisans and their families. This makes a difference and creates a positive impact.


At Madre Luna we maintain transparency and open lines of communication with partner artisans. We support and create long lasting relationships and providing social and economic opportunities through a fair trade model of business based in trust, transparency and communication. Madre Luna ensures that we work with partner artisans that are like-minded and that share our passion, mission and who want to create a positive impact on fashion culture.



Madre Luna partners with local artisans and cooperative groups in Guatemala to source, create and produce one of a kind handmade collections. All Madre Luna artisan partners receive a fair wage. We allow partner artisans, to set their prices based on their labor and costs.


Many of the women artisans we work are located in rural areas and indigenous communities. They are able to work from their own homes, while taking care of their families. The cooperative groups and associations we work with often provide training programs, resources, and safe working conditions for partner artisans. Artisans who work on leather also work from home, most of them are families working at their own hours and small workshops.


Designs are informed and inspired by Mayan cultural history, traditional craft, and weaving techniques. Each season, we feature is a new collection. You will find handmade precious creations. Each item is handcrafted and available only in limited quantities to ensure it’s uniqueness as the culture we are inspired. Each product has its unique story behind and we love to share it with you in every purchase! Madre Luna aims to create an impact on fashion culture by preserving Mayan heritage techniques. We value traditional techniques and honor the heritage and culture in each piece. As a brand, we must be concerned with issues that involve humanitarian rights and preserve each design, fabric and production as an art form.