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Meet The Founder of Madre Luna

Meet The Founder of Madre Luna

Madre Luna was founded in 2017 by designer Alda Esco, we've always believed in the power of heritage and locally made goods. The quality of the craftsmanship and the local artisans we partner are what make Madre Luna our mission in life. 

Message From The Founder

When I founded Madre Luna, I wanted to help provide social and economic opportunities to artisans in Guatemala through a fair trade model of business based in values and sustainability. Our partner artisans we work experience extreme poverty and hardships. Many of the women artisans we work are located in rural areas and indigenous communities. They are able to work from their own homes, while taking care of their families. The cooperative groups and associations we work with often provide training programs, resources, and safe working conditions for artisans located in different regions of the country.

Moreover, I believe it's important to create one of a kind collections using traditional artisan techniques and environmental materials. My vision is to empower artisans, inspire and connect with people by becoming an influencer and educator specially supporting humanitarian rights and appeals. It is our mission "To preserve each textile, design fabric, technique and production as an art form, we want to keep our heritage-tradition alive, this makes us rich in cultural history".

Alda Esco, Founder & Creative Director