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Madre Luna was born in Guatemala after the inspiration of creating a mindful and ethical brand that expresses individuality and purpose. Designer, Alda Esco founded Madre Luna with the vision of creating an impact on social responsibility and creative lifestyle. In 2016, she started to develop an ethical brand that could inspire women around the world. Building upon her culture and global experiences, her motivation is to touch the lives of people through fashion and ethical responsibility. .


Guatemala is world-famous for being the "Heart of the Mayan World", for it's beautiful nature and colorful textiles. Today, Mayan communities still make up a majority of the population in Guatemala. These communities primary face their own unique challenges where they have limited access to education, health services and work opportunities. All contributing factors to women's disadvantaged position in rural Guatemala.

However, weaving, spinning and basket making have sustained women artisans economically and culturally against the pressures of change and a civil war. Their persistence in continuing traditional art has created some of the most colorful textiles in the world. Their ethnic traditional clothing can be seen throughout the country. From town to town, we can see the difference of patterns, color designs and styles of the women's blouses and skirts. Each garment is representative of an a specific area or town and each textile or huipil (guipil), their regional blouse is uniquely handwoven with a variety of designs and symbols in its own sacred meaning. Sometimes a weaver will sew a myth from their region or town or a small representation of her "Nahual" (animal protector), all these are designs that tells a story.


Madre Luna was named after the myth of the Sun and Moon ( B'alam Q'e and Quana Po) from the literary work, "Xib'alb'a and the Birth of the New Sun" by Dr. Rudd Van Akkereen in 2012. The myth was based in the northern region of Guatemala near Alta Verapaz. "Quana Po or Señora Luna" in spanish language represents a beautiful princess that is related with the "Moon Goddess" which at the same time is the "Weaver Mother Goddess". Madre Luna was inspired from "Quana Po" as being a renovated mother who takes care of mayan civilization culture..


We want to create a positive impact in fashion culture in how consumers shop by providing a human-centered design practice that places emphasis on sustainable design and at the same time preserve each textile, design fabric, technique and production as an art form. We want to keep our heritage-tradition alive. At Madre Luna we build ethical partnerships with local artisans from Guatemala.